... A Judicial System Run Amuck

Judge Donald L. Graham: A Judicial Miscreant

Judicial Integrity and Judicial Misconduct. If you start with the proposition that Judicial Integrity is essential to the "rule of law", then one must necessarily conclude that Judge Graham is a miscreant, and further that this enablers at the Eleventh Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeal fare no better.  

A judge’s honesty and integrity lie at the very heart of that system.  In re Shenberg, 632 So. 2d 42, 47 (Fla. 1992)..

There is one form of judicial misconduct that I think clinches the case against Judge Edwards' position: lack of candor in judicial opinions. One of the worst things a judge can do is to ignore or misstate the critical facts or critical legal issues in a case. Since this kind of misconduct is not generally considered a "crime" nor an impeachable offense, it would fall squarely within the realm of judicial misbehavior that Judge Edwards leaves to the judiciary to regulate..
Professor Monroe Freedman:
Frankly, I have had more than enough of judicial opinions that bear no relationship whatsoever to the cases that have been filed and argued before the judges. I am talking about judicial opinions that falsify the facts of the cases that have been argued, judicial opinions that make disingenuous use or omission of material authorities, judicial opinions that cover up these things with no-publication and no-citation rules
Self-Regulation of Judicial Misconduct Could be Mis-Regulation, 89 Michigan Law Review 609 (1990). (Code A90N). 


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