The author of this website is Marcellus M. Mason Jr.
  I am a1981 graduate of Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL and a 1983 graduate of the Florida State University.   I have a Bachelor of Science in Finance.  When I felt like it, I made outstanding grades to include the Deans List.  See copy of unofficial transcript.  I make this point not to brag, but to demonstrate that I am not anybody's fool and that I am intelligent enough to reason and understand any legal concept.    I have had a trial judge reversed on three separate occasions in the Florida Appellate Courts.  See Case Nos. 2D00-4002, 2D00-1071, and 2D00-1041. I have been filing lawsuits and defending against lawsuits pro se since 1999.  I have filed papers in the following federal courts: S.D. Fla., M.D. Fla. Eleventh Circuit, U.S. Court Of Appeal, D.C. Dist. and the U.S. Supreme Court.  Mason has filed and defended multiple actions in the following state courts: Tenth Judicial Circuit, Second District Court of Appeal Supreme Court Of Florida.  Lastly, and certainly not least, Mason has completed a program leading to an A.A. in paralegal studies.  I have spent thousands of hours and five years doing legal research sometimes all day and half the night.   I am a decorated U.S. Army veteran having served for almost eight years active duty both in peacetime and in wartime (Persian Gulf).   I am a CNE, Certified Novell Engineer, and MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.  A person cannot be a CNE, Certified Novell Engineer, and MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, unless he or she is very intelligent.   It is my hope that knowledgeable and conscientious attorneys will read this $$%&&& or garbage of Judge Donald L. Graham and the Eleventh Circuit and have them insult your intelligence. 

I  have been trying to hold U.S. Dist. Judge Donald L. Graham accountable for his actions since 1999.  I have discovered that the Eleventh Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeal, and its judges have deployed a strategy which is designed to fatigue me into submission by using dishonest and lawless tactics.  This strategy is perfectly illustrated in a web page entitled "The Fox Should Not Be Allowed to Guard the Chicken Coop!",, where the Eleventh Circuit refuses to address the veracity of allegations of misconduct against Judge Donald L. Graham much less remedy them.  This is truly a remarkable story that is fully documented. 

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